Self Directed: The Restaurant Kitchen

I worked in a restaurant my last two years of high school so I became well versed in the inner working of the kitchen.


  • The order
  • Chefs
  • The customer


The interconnections in a restaurant’s kitchen are a vital part to correctly cooking the oder and gaining customer satisfaction. Below I made a simple diagram showing the interconnections. First the order comes into the kitchen, this is where the cook assembly line comes in. One cook will cook the main dish while another focuses on sauces and side dishes. Once the dish is complete the souse chef looks over the dish, if it satisfactory it moves on to the chef, if it isn’t it goes back to the assembly line cooks. If the dish passes the inspection of the head chef it’s sent out to the customer, if not, then like before it is sent back to the cooks. Now when the dish arrives to the customer and they like it the system ends, but if they are not satisfied the dish gets sent back and the process repeats.



In a kitchen every step relies on the last for the dish to come out perfectly. If one of the cooks is too slow then the orders pile up and customers have to wait. If one is too fast the food has to wait, make the food cold by the time it goes out.


The purpose of a restaurant kitchen is to make good for in a quick and organized manner for customers to enjoy. There’s this thought for some people that when they go out they expect and amazing meal, and the kitchen staff have to fulfill that.

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